Curcuma Comes out of Hiding

This is my favorite ornamental ginger. Curcuma species comes from east Asia.

Hidden ginger has a dormant period which ends in time for mid-summer flowering.

It was by chance that this picture has a new plant in the background, given me by Miss Winnie: Hymenocallis, or white spider lily. It was in bloom when I planted it, now all you see are the strappy leaves.

I dug a shell ginger and kept it green all winter in the greenhouse in hopes that it would bloom this spring. It didn’t happen.

the paler of the pink Crinums is about to bloom again.

We had 0.05 inch of rain this afternoon. Doesn’t sound like much, but it cools the air and refreshes the plants. We are grateful for every drop.

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  1. This species of ornamental curcuma ginger bears beautiful flowers. I am growing turmeric, Curcuma longa but it has not flowered yet.

  2. Lovely… if only they would grow in my Zone 5 gardens.

  3. Nell Jean — We used to have a white spider crinum here. It sprouted so many new bulbs around it that the clump was about 4 feet in diameter. Loved it but, alas, it died.

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