Crinum jagus and Daturas for a Moonlight Garden

Crinum jagus has a musky vanilla fragrance, more pronounced in late evening.

This crinum has been here for many, many years, surrounded by greenery of

boxwood and camellias. It sits in a groundcover of dichondra and mini-jew.

Up close on the right are boxwoods. We have a plethora of boxwoods.

I was pruning boxwoods on Saturday when a wasp stung me on the wrist,

halting progress. They await further pruning. My arm is back to normal size but

I’m reluctant to go back out there and start snipping again.

It’s easier to prune ancient boxwoods into topiaries than to try to keep them at

a smaller size.

This could be the backbone of a moonlight fragrance garden.

White Daturas bloom on the other side of the boxwood hedge.
In addition to white Daturas there are Purple Swirl Daturas blooming.
I got the notion this year to plant the two colors in the same bed.
Notice the shiny black stems of this Datura.

Daturas have a sweet, lemony fragrance that attract night pollinators.



  1. The white Datura is beautiful I don’t recall ever seeing a pure white one.. Hope your arm is feeling better have a wonderful day, hugs, Cherry

  2. You have a lovely garden !!!! The datura purple swirl are beautifull !!!
    How cold are your winters ?

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