White Shrimp Plant: Justicia Betonia

David of Tropical Texana featured White Shrimp Plant on his blog, photographed at the Houston Zoo.

White shrimp plant Justicia betonica June, 2011 in my garden
I kept cuttings over the winter and planted out in the spring.
It is a tropical plant. I think sun may have prompted bloom.
I have big healthy plants this year but have not noticed bloom so far.
Plants left in the ground are much smaller, since they have to return from roots.

I searched back through my posts — some are not properly tagged — and found a photo of Shrimp Plant blooming on June 25, 2007. Somewhere in the archives are pictures of it blooming indoors during the winter.

White Shrimp Plant, Justicia betonica
I grow Justicia brandegeana, Red Shrimp Plant, too. It is an almost non-stop bloomer here except in severe winters when it dies back almost to the ground. For some reason, I’ve never grown the yellow cultivar which was among my mother’s favorite potted plants.


  1. I haven’t seen a white shrimp plant yet. The colour is rather sweet.

  2. I have got to find me a piece of this I have yellow and red but have never even seen the white.. hugs, Cherry

  3. Very interesting plant – love the height of the flowers

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