Hydrangeas Know when Summer is Coming

Oakleaf Hydrangeas have been in full bloom here since the end of April.

Blue Mophead Hydrangeas are starting to bloom.

My favorite combo is blue Hydrangeas with Orange daylilies, the paler the better.

‘Fairy Tale Pink’ is a good pale daylily. ‘Pink’ in the daylily sense usually means apricot.

Another of my favs for using with Daylilies is ‘Inner View’ which has tints that look awful with other pinks, oranges, yellows or lavenders but is great with Hydrangeas, so it  has its own bed with Hydrangeas and Stokesia.

Pink and Red shades look best with Oakleaf Hydrangeas. When Oakleaf blooms begin to fade they turn pinkish. Echinacea is another good companion. This daylily is ‘Byzantine Emperor’ in sun and shade. Sun reflection washed out the red in the pic.

Hydrangea serrata ‘Woodlanders’ is a good small lacecap. When I bought this, it was pink. In our acid soil, hydrangeas are blue. If I want pink, I plant in potting soil.

Hydrangeas like morning sun and afternoon shade.

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  1. Your blue mophead Hyderangea is stunning.

  2. I am so sad. My oak leaf hydrangeas are not blooming. Anything I can do? My lace-caps, varigated leaves are blooming a bit. I’m grateful for that!

    • Nell Jean

       /  May 12, 2012

      I’m afraid it’s late for oak leafs this year, Curtiss Ann. You didn’t prune them at the wrong time, did you? My lace-caps with the variegated leaves are all cuttings this year because I started over. They’re hanging on.

    • I didn’t prune any of them at all, thought maybe I should have. Oh, well, more to learn!

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