I Can’t Flaunt my Flowers when the Work Isn’t Done

I’m never ready. The notice comes from Tootsie that Fertilizer Friday is imminent. I haven’t planted everything out, edged the beds, started more seeds, repotted plants with tight shoes — the list is endless.

Byzantine Emperor daylily and Rose colored Pentas.

Olive Bailey Langdon

The reason I don’t use chemicals: Here a tiny skipper on Verbena bonariensis.

Usually when the best butterflies show up, I’m without a camera. This tattered beauty has obviously been here a while.

A first gardenia on a bush with yellow leaves. What to do? Let the yellow leaves shed off to be replaced with fresh green. Evergreens shed leaves in spring, not fall.

Many of the roses are in their second flush of bloom. This is called ‘Grandma’s Yellow Rose’ in Texas, one of the Earthkind Roses. We call it the Chicken Rose. Notice the ladybug?

I make lists and every night I cross off the tasks that got done. Sometimes jobs not on the list get done and added after the fact. There is an awful lot of housekeepting yet to be done before the greenhouse closes for the summer — I should say opens or empties rather than closes. Yesterday the cat was lying on one of the paths just beyond where the fogger wets the pavers, keeping cool. He will soon have to find a new cool spot.

Be sure to visit Tootsie’s blog to find the links to Flaunt Your Flowers.



  1. Hi Nell Jean, the color of that lily is so beautiful, and that swallowtail is pretty too, but i love most the look of your blog! I also have a new one, but i already forgot how to do it and I am having a difficult time changing the settings, fonts and colors. haha..Andrea

    • Nell Jean

       /  May 5, 2012

      Can you get back to ‘Template’ by clicking around until you find it? (That’s the way I find it, clicking around.) Then it’s trial and error for me. What is really bad is that I forget which is the right way on Blogspot and how to do it on WordPress. My late son would tell me to just choose one, but that doesn’t suit my harum-scarum ways.

  2. Beautiful daylily. This is the best time of year when everything is waking up from winter. Soon my gardenia’s will fill the air with their scent. Love that scent.

  3. It’s a beautiful day in spring. Such a gorgeous daylily in bloom!

    • My dear Nell Jean, WordPress gravatar requires me to use wordpress ID to communicate with you here. Anyway, I’m pleasantly surprised my old wordpress ID still works!

  4. I got so crazy making lists and never getting but a few things done. I started making lists of the things I actually did! That made me feel better, ha, ha. Your flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for the info about the gardenias shedding their leaves. I knew the yellowing was okay, but was not certain why and worried every time I looked at my little gardenia. One has bloomed greatly, another not so good but started.

  5. Love your daylilies, verbena b., and your gardenias. Stunning!

  6. Anita Adair

     /  May 3, 2012

    Jean, your daylillies are beautiful, the owner of Joiner daylillies lives down the street from me. It is now run by her son and daughter inlaw, since her husband died. They have moved the gardens up near Pembroke.
    They had beautiful daylillies.
    The sad thing Mrs Joiner cannot enjoy the daylillies as we have deer invading from Wormslow Historic site.

    • Nell Jean

       /  May 3, 2012

      Thanks, Anita. I looked at their web site. They have some beauties. There are two AHS show gardens in counties joining ours. I’ve been to one and bought daylilies, passed the other when I was working and couldn’t stop and look, haven’t ventured there since I retired.

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