On a Day when I Enjoy the Generosity of a Gardener

My neighbor from 3 miles down the road called last night to invite me to plunder his garden. “The squash need picking, take them all. There are red potatoes and white potatoes, help yourself.”

Red and white potatoes, early garden peas on the right.

Onions and Cabbages. Within the row are red onions with shiny tops above the ground and number 5 cabbage is red. Another row of peas on the right.

A view of a corn field in the distance and a grapevine upper right. Also in this garden are blueberries aBynd another kind of grapes.

┬áBy the time I reached the end of this long row, the baby squashes too small to pick had matured or maybe I just missed a few. We’ll have squash cooked several ways this week, my fav being yellow squash, potatoes and onions cooked together, fried down until there are brown bits.

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  1. Maybe your neighbor would be interested in my nonprofit called Project Garden Share http://www.projectgardenshare.org/

  2. You are blessed! My, what a wonderful garden, she says, sighing. :)


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