Update on Baptisia

By the 24th, exactly 2 months since planting, a Baptisia seedling appeared and another is just breaking soil.

Turns out Patience is the magic word. Here’s what I blogged before:

Baptisia alba, a native plant, bloomed here almost a month ago.

About two months ago, I planted seeds saved from this plant last year. None germinated by April 20. Maybe they needed pretreatment, stratification, or some magic words uttered over them

Whatever the reason, I’m going to try again.

As soon as these seed pods mature, I’m going to plant fresh seeds. The pods are curious, inflated with rather small seeds that rattle around inside as they turn dark and become dry. Legumes, they should not be difficult to grow. Four of six of Caesalpinia pulcherrima seeds planted at the same time have germinated, not all at the same rate.

I look forward to trying again.

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  1. Fascinatingly lovely plant and new to me. They say ‘perseverance pays off’ and maybe these words are the magic incantions for successful germination. Good luck

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