The Rest of the Graptopetalum Story

I wrote about having 4 dozen graptophylum rooted cuttings on the other Seedscatterer blog. This cool morning I planted out more than 18 of the largest and most lush among stones in a bed with pale pink Pentas and Verbena bonairensis.

I put one little potful of Ghost plant nearer the Pentas, seen here in the center. All the rest are left to grow on for another project. Some of the Pentas had shedded petals and were deadheaded. They’ll bloom again quickly. We had rain again on Saturday.

More brittle leaves were knocked off in the transplant process.  I left them on the soil among their brothers to root and make more rosettes. At right notice the bluish leaves of California poppies, more good companions.

Last week I placed some Sedum acre directly on the rocks where there is a thin layer of sand. It was growing in a plastic bucket lid in a spoonful of dead juniper leaves, so it should happy here. The graptopetalum is actually in some deep well-composted soil with excellent drainage.

As I turned away from the new planting, I got a better-than-usual picture of Verbena on a stick. It survived the winter very well. The old growth cut away, it quickly grew taller than me.

If the weather stays cool, maybe I’ll finally get everything planted out bit by bit, pot by pot.

More of those brittle leaves got knocked off in the transplant process. I left them to root among their brothers.


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  1. deborahelliott

     /  April 23, 2012

    Your ghost plants have found a good home! I think they look terrific tucked among the rocks and the other plants there. Great combination!

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