A Good Rain before Transplants

I’m ready to plant. The plants are ready for their summer homes. Three dozen rooted Pentas await life as nectar plants for butterflies.

So why are we waiting? The ground is dry.

A good rain would make the soil more welcoming to tender roots.

Not all are labeled  a poor job. Now I have to wait to see which are rose, light pink, dark pink, white or red except for those that I did label. Did I think I would remember? No, I thought they would all bloom soonest.

We have a slight chance of rain tonight, better chance tomorrow.

Take note: if it rains here, I can go out and plant in the rain. When I lived in metro Atlanta, planting in the rain would mean my little plants would be sitting in rock hard clay when the sun shone. The difference is loamy sand with lots of humus added. Disturbing wet clay soil is not good practice.




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  1. I can relate to your post. I’ve been running round sticking things in all over between rain downpours – and during them sometimes. We are on a ridge with fast draining soil, so as you say – while it’s not generally OK to plant in very wet soil, it’s also fine in most parts of my garden too. We are having a break from the rains now – hope it’s heading your way!

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