Spring Comes Quickly, Goodbye Camellias

The last of the Camellias are starting to feel the heat. Daffodils remaining bloom pale. ‘Salome’ is sallow and ‘Pink Charm’ has lost her pink glow. Plants remaining in the greenhouse are demanding more and more water.

Blood of China, last Camellia to bloom here along with a similar red seedling.

Dogwood is fully in bloom, last Camellias are still pretty and Wisteria puts on a show. Near borrom center, note a seedling redbud with heart shaped leaves. Pecan trees are hard to fool, the one at right has no new growth.

There’s always that chance of a last blast of cold Arctic air reaching us but our usual frost date has passed. Sunburned and sweaty, I tell myself spring must be here. I’ve 3 dozen rooted Pentas to plant out, some sending roots from the pot bottoms.

Some of the Azaleas have already passed their peak. There’s an ancient bed under a pecan tree that I am cutting to the ground. “Stooling” is the term, I think. Sometimes an overgrown bed needs drastic measures. A native Holly was planted by a bird. A number of undesirables must be grubbed out. Once the vines and other volunteers are gone, the Holly can show its beauty.

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