Bloom Day Spring Panoramas

Bloom Day, when all Garden Bloggers are invited by Carol of May Dreams Gardens to display their blossoms. This March Day Azaleas, Dogwood and Wisteria turn sunny south Georgia into Fairyland.

Oval Lawn in the Upper Garden; click each pic for a larger view.

Inside the Upper Garden

Looking from the Front Yard toward the Upper Garden.

Dogwood and Azaleas.

 Wisteria and Boxwood

Butterflies are enjoying the show, too. Notice this creature’s tattered wings. These azaleas are Pink Ruffles, 16 plants we rooted from our previous garden before we moved here in 1994.

Please join in the excitement and show us your Bloom Day blossoms at May Dreams Gardens.



  1. That must me grandpa swallowtail. I bet your look forward to this bloom display every year. Happy belated gbbd.

  2. Wow, that really is a fairyland. I love how you’re giving us so many blooms in each picture. Happy bloom day!

  3. Wow, Nell Jean,
    I would never want to go anywhere if I lived there! I enlarged several of the photos, and really wanted to be there, walking on that path. Lovely!

  4. Nell Jean, I am lost for words other than “Wow”, and “Awesome” and “Beautiful”! The garden of my dreams …

  5. Wow – simply beautiful, Nell Jean!

    Happy Bloom Day!

  6. My Lord, Nell Jean, you live is pure paradise! Stupendous photographs! My mouth has dropped open. 🙂

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