Social Media — Am I Left behind in the Dust?

As we anxiously awaited the roll-out of Blotanical V2, I was thinking I’ve been left behind. I studied the instructions for joining in a Social Media event that takes place  using Twitter. The Garden Chat has a running scroll of messages concerning a chat that takes place 3 hours hence. I was clueless, except that I saw a number of familiar names.

I get notices that I’ve been joined on Google Plus from people I never heard of. Facebook is slightly more familiar, except that I’m wondering if I’m missing messages from people I actually have known since high school. Mostly I see changed profile photos honoring this or that occasion.

I have a list of little groups on my FB sidebar. I mostly see repeat messages except for the brand new ones from our great-grandaughter, Minion, who has her own You Tube account. She’s one year old.

There are suddenly a rash of articles on whether Pinterest violates copyright. Horror stories of lawsuits are surfacing. I didn’t notice that paragraph about being responsible for what one uploads to Pinterest when I signed up. Are they opting out of responsibility? Can they do that? I deleted my boards until the issues are more clear.

Anyhow, I was hoping that the NEW Blotanical would make Blotanical much easier to navigate and that we could get back to enjoying everyone’s garden photos and thoughts. I never felt I had enough to say to join Twitter, nor time to hear everybody else’s tweets in real time. Is e-mail old hat? Did it go the way of snail mail?

Time will tell.

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  1. I joined FB at the urging of a former student I worked with, assuming I would only get on there once in awhile. I hope that will be the case now that garden season is here. I find myself getting on there several times a day to see what folks have posted since I was last there. Sometimes I come across things that make me glad I did that, but I have decided I need to stop doing that. I don’t Twitter, Google Chrome, or Pinterest. I also don’t agree to FB requests where you have to give them permission to access your information and send messages in your name.

    I haven’t been on blotanical for awhile. I found it takes too long to do all that clicking to do picks, and I can get more blogs read on m own. I am thankful to have met lots of gardeners there, though. At this point, I am not keeping up with blog reading at all. As far as that goes, I don’t keep up with my email, either.

    Well, my break is over. Time to go back outside and do more garden clean up. Take care!

  2. Pinterest I’m avoiding, first it was too visual for my tastes, now the copyright issues are horrendous! I have also carefully circled around Twitter, I don’t have a cell phone, and I absolutely don’t need a tickertape of messages.

    FB is for family, and for that I find it WONDERFUL!

    But G+ Google Plus is filling the addictive space that Blotanical in limbo has left.
    Still hoping for a new Blotanical, but I could live happily between Google Reader and G+ if that is the future.

  3. If you look over your shoulder and the dust clears a bit , you will see me. At this point with the garden season starting and time for sitting in front of the computer dwindling, I have no hope of keeping up. All these circles make me dizzy. What can you expect? I still prefer to talk to my friends in person or on the telephone. At this point I’m as concerned about Blotanical as I am for my house plants. I hope they will hang in there and prosper, but I have doubts!

  4. Darling, social media is moving at the speed of light, and I’m not. I do enjoy Twitter, in my own slow way. I can’t figure out FB. Every time I go there, something has changed. Saw my s-i-l’s page; it was completely changed. I didn’t know where to post anymore. I thought I signed up for Pinterest. It told me I would receive a confirmation. I never did. Guess they didn’t want me.

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