First Views, February

Last month I forgot Town Mouse/Country Mouse’s meme of First View. It’s my favorite way to look at gardens, views of the actual garden rather than down the throat of a lily. I’m glad I remembered on time this month.

Narcissus under a dogwood tree, daffodils under a bare Crape myrtle.

Looking between white Camellia japonica on the left, C. Sasanqua on the right. Lousiana iris in the bog, unpruned boxwood and in the distance a red Camellia.

Seedling Camellias across the south driveway are framed by Crape Myrtles  on the right and Oakleaf Hydrangeas and newly pruned Vitex on the left.

White Azaleas peek through Gardenias along south edge of Upper Garden.

Upper Garden as seen through Loropetalums and Crape Myrtles in the near view.

China Pink Hyacinths around the Oval Lawn in the Upper Garden

As soon as Blotanical V2 rolls out, it is my understanding that Town Mouse and Country Mouse will each have their own identity as relates to their two-mouse blog. Yay! That’s just one of many improvements we are anticipating. You can read about it Here, as I have no idea what all is in store or how it works.



  1. I love the white azaleas – we have wild native azaleas here but tantalizingly beyond the reach of my pruners – I’d love to get cuttings but poison oak and steep banks get in the way. Lovely soft green views so restful to us mediterranean type habitat dwellers. Thanks for letting me know about the new blotanical. I’ll enjoy participating as a full fledged mouse, as twere! It looks a lot warmer and gentler in your region. We are warmer and dryer than we should be but still – I’m typing before a roaring fire!

  2. How nice to see the bulbs come up. Is it Spring already?

  3. I am also looking forward to the changes in Blotanical…seems so exciting. My crape myrtles were in a sheet of ice last week…now the weather is in the 60’s….so strange.

  4. Seedling Camelias? You’ve got to be kidding. Amazing, can’t imagine it.

    Love especially your first first view, and also amazed your daffodils are out already. Yes, the Blotanical upgrade will be interesting. I’ve been a little lax, didn’t like that I couldn’t really read the blog (and comment) unless I clicked extra, and even then it didn’t always work. We’ll see how 2.0 comes out.

    Hope to see you there soon!

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