Outside, Inside, Blooming All Around

Camellias are starting to open again since the last freeze.

Getting ready for Fertilizer Friday, I found more Flowers than were expected to Flaunt.

I found this pink hyacinth in the edge of the lawn under the camellia above.

Taiwan Cherry is in full bloom, always an early bloomer.

Tea Olive Osmanthus fortunei, always fragrant on the winter breeze.

Camellias are opening quickly. They can stand a few hours of freezing temperatures.

I found one white Camellia starting to open but the edges were tinged with brown. Let’s wait for a really pretty bloom, fully open.


Red Begonia, Purple Heart and a Epiphyllum cutting.

Hyacinths are starting to bloom in the greenhouse.


I’m joining Flaunt Your Flowers on Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time. Okay, so my lettuces don’t have flowers. They would, if I let them bolt.

Please join us there.



  1. What pretty plants! I love the camellias..we can’t really have them here in Oklahoma …however I heard there is a new variety that I might try for our Zone that is supposed to be hardy. Beautiful photos!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. The camellias and the Taiwan cherry are so very cheery and beautiful! I’m ready for spring but we have a few weeks of winter left.

  3. You have some lovely blooms.

  4. Love your Camellia, and the Taiwan Cherry looks amazing!!

  5. Your kalanchoe is amazing and so many flowers on it. Luv the white blooms w/the blue container.

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