Friday’s Flowers without Tootsie?

Is anybody besides me worried about Glenda? She’s been so faithful to put up Mr. Linky for Flaunting Flowers. I have some pretties to show, here without a link. We’re expecting a hard freeze at 26 F tonight, so the outside flowers may be brown tomorrow.




  1. Yes it is so diligent of Tootsie to be having the FF up even if her garden is still in contemplation. But your arrangement is lovely, and nicely composed too. I love it. I am aware of the deep snow you people are into right now, so one of my thoughts in posting my colorful photos is to cheer some of you and give some warmth during these grey days. And it looks it works because i got many commenters in this post, lol.

  2. Jean, love the beautiful camellia’s, it is so sad when we have a freeze when they are in bloom. I only have 2 one is a graft, a patient of mine grafted it, I call it peppermint, but its name is Bobby Rountree after his daughter. He said he grafted 10 all were given to his family, so this made me a kissing cousin. He brought it to me when I retired. It is different than the usual red and white striped ones.
    Thanks for sharing you beautiful flowers.

    • Nell Jean

       /  January 14, 2012

      Thanks, Anita. I have a striped one that is a seedling that I planted several years back that finally has begun to bloom. Camellias are one of the things we never saw at home. We didn’t see the azaleas the size of a bus that grow in South GA either that turn every old shack in the county into fairyland when they bloom.

  3. Those are pretty, Nell Jean. You got these from your garden?! Nothing is blooming here except for spring bulbs;-) Weird weather we’ve had…however, today it’s finally really cold so I’m thinking winter might really have arrived. I’m friends w/Glenda on FB and I believe she is currently moving so she’s pretty busy, it appears;-)

    • Nell Jean

       /  January 14, 2012

      Glenda showed up, battered and weary but she’s hanging in there. Her Friday post appeared after I went to bed.

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