Flowers after the Freeze

Now that freezing night temperatures have moderated once again, I surveyed what’s left blooming so I could flaunt my flowers at Tootsie Time.


Many hardy plants like white petunias and camellias lost their blossoms but the foliage is still great and tight buds will open in coming days.



Rose Campion and Ratibida foliage did not suffer, nor did evergreen daylilies. All the pretty little Loropetalum fringes are brown. What has survived is winter weeds: Florida betony, chickweed, wild geranium and henbit are thriving.

Most of the Lantana is gone. Mexican bush sage is killed back to the roots. Foliage on Agapnathus and Zantedeschia is limp; I am glad I potted and brought in some of them before the freeze. Violas seem unaffected but new blooms are slow to come.

Inside the greenhouse, flowers go on. Christmas Cactus and Amaryllis are done; paperwhites are next to go. Coming into bloom are Kalanchoe.

Persistant winter blooms are Begonias, Pentas and Alternanthera.





Gerbera Daisies are happily blooming in a cool greenhouse with Foxtail Fern, Alyssum, Begonias and Persian Shield.



Alternanthera rarely blooms in the garden outdoors but happily produces little clover-like blossoms all winter. All these blossoms started with one purple plant that selfseeded in the soil under the shelf.  It weaves in and around pots sitting on ground. When it hangs out over the walkway or crowds its companions, I clip it back.

I am linking to Tootsie’s Fertilizer Friday meme. I haven’t fertilized anything while the nights are so cold but some of the greenhouse plants might benefit while nights are warmer. It is gracious of Tootsie to keep hosting flaunt your Flowers while she’s busy getting her greenhouse and new home settled.


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