Come on In and Look Around

The New Year started out warm and wet, changing to chilly and windy. Inside, out of the wind blossoms continue.

Hyacinths are coming on fast as Amaryllis and Paperwhites fade.

Pentas are an excellent house plant. I take cuttings in the fall so as to have plants in the spring for attracting butterflies to the garden all summer. They come in several shades of pink, red, white and lavender. I want them all.

Discards and trimmings go into a basket intended for the compost heap.

Kalanchoe is another popular houseplant coming into flower, center above. Below is a smaller Kalanchoe cutting already blooming.

Tea Party later.

We have new babies! Bromeliad Neoregelia has pups underneath old leaves.

Freezing weather is on the way. Two small electric heaters with thermostats and fans keep the greenhouse above freezing during the night. They’re plugged into different circuits. When the sun comes up the inside warms quickly making a good daytime place to putter, read, take tea or sit quietly with a cat for company.



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  1. I can feel your joy. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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