Blooming after Christmas

Tea Olive's Tiny Fragrant Blossoms


Blood of China

Striped Bloom of a Seedling Camellia

Another Seedling Camellia; Formal Double

The seedlings are a delight to see. It takes years for a Camellia seedling to have a significant number of blooms.

Violas in Blue and Purple

Another look at the Striped Camellia

We anticipate a freeze mid-week. I’ll bring in as many Camellia blooms as I can to float in bowls of water.



  1. Nice striped camellia seedling… I had some poppies that came up looking like that one year… I haven’t seen the striped ones since…. shoulda made a point of collecting the seed…

    I had a striped camellia seedling in bloom last year… no blooms on it yet this winter…

    It isn’t fair what frost does to those pretty flowers…

    We can do a lot more with the self hosted wordpress…

  2. Hi Jean,
    Happy day after Christmas! I enjoyed your lovely blooms. I hope they handle the freezing temps OK. I am glad we have made it this far, and spring will be coming in a few months.

    I haven’t been keeping up with blogging very well. I’m trying to remember if I knew you had changed to WordPress.

    • Nell Jean

       /  December 26, 2011

      The open blooms turn brown when freezes come; the tight buds just wait for a warmer day and open on up. There are enough buds to last until spring.

      I didn’t really change to WordPress. I have two Seedscatterer blogs, one on Blogger and one on WordPress. WordPress is kind of difficult but I keep hoping I’ll get better at it. I like the reply-to-comments feature.

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