Button Christmas Trees

Button Wreaths were well received on my other Seedscatterer blog. I brought out my Button Trees for your amusement. They are made of buttons, jewelry from last century, corsage pins and other findings.

My favorite pieces are the pin and earrings at the top, the pink jeweled pin and the heart charms. The charms are recent, the pins are more than fifty years old.

The diamond shaped red enameled charm is an earring that belonged to my husband’s sister


The star-shaped button on the left was from the Bicentennial year.

The trees are made on felt-covered styrofoam cones. The Pink and silver one has pink tulle over the felt. Buttons are pinned with corsage pins and with regular straight pins pinned through a sequin if the holes in the button were large. This is mostly a ‘use what you have’ craft, except that it takes lots more pins than you might expect. I bought extras. As a project for children small nails and large buttons would work.



  1. I wonder if one cold find foam of a different shape to cover with buttons and old jewelry to use as a year round decoration. I love your trees, though!

    • Nell Jean

       /  December 26, 2011

      Button ball or button cube? In crafts stores and departments they have all kinds of shapes. I find it fun to bring them out for Christmas, seeing them again.

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