Butterflies in December

The past few nights we had near-freezing temperatures. Butterflies were hardly seen except for Skippers. Today they came out when temps reached 66 to 68 Fahrenheit.

Buckeye Junonia coenia on Violas

Checkerspot Skipper also on Violas outside

Lured by Violas outside the Greenhouse, butterflies followed me inside. I made some short videos so you can see them nectaring.

Here’s a last look at the butterflies from the video.

Gulf Fritillary on Pentas

Buckeye on Duranta with Begonias

Skippers are frequent visitors, even on cooler days. They’re not frequently featured in blog posts but some are quite beautiful.

Long-tailed Skipper nectaring on Pentas

These largest Skippers are actually a crop pest known as bean leafrollers. They roll the leaves of legumes with silk for shelter and pupation. Large numbers of them could defoliate a plant.

We’ve had frosts but not a hard freeze yet. After a killing freeze butterflies are seldom visitors here.  We’re seeing occasional Sulphurs now but they’re hard to catch for pics. I look forward to late winter when hyacinths bloom outdoors and Sulphurs seek them out, the first of spring season’s butterflies.



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