Bottles, Bottles, Bottles

One of the most popular ‘repin’ items on Pinterest that I’ve seen is collections of bottles. I’ve saved old bottles to use as bud vases along with other interesting containers.

 The crystal mug on the right once came as a gift with purchase of a popular men’s cologne. The little blue bottle behind it is marked on the sides as Fletcher’s Castoria.

Back left is a frosted vodka bottle from the side of the road. On the right is an old half pint cream bottle. The Ball canning jar at left came from a thrift shop.

Just to the right of the ‘Real Coke’ bottle made in Indiana is a Good Seasons salad dressing container, the kind where you add oil and water to make ‘fresh’ dressing.

Little square bottles in the front are from Spain.

The big square bottle in the center once held honey and has a beehive embossed on it. There are two small bud bases and some unidentified old bottles. One I think held 1950s hair tonic. One says ‘Chattanooga Medicine Company’ on the side. They’re all fun for holding a fresh blossom or two, a piece of greenery or a dried bloom.



  1. That is lovely. And the glass against your leather theme is even more fun. I love glass, and virtual leather I’ll enjoy too. No animals suffered ….

    • Nell Jean

       /  November 28, 2011

      I think it is virtual Naugahyde. No Naugas gave their lives…. I guess that dates me. Nobody says Naugahyde any more. I think it is Pleather now.

  2. I love seeing collections of flowers and bottles with a bloom or two in each bottle. So pretty and homey!

    • Nell Jean

       /  November 28, 2011

      I see lots of bottles and blossoms as decorations for weddings online. Inexpensive and fashionable. Martha started it, I think.

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