Blowing Hot and Cold

It’s harder to keep a greenhouse cool enough in the sun than to keep it warm in the night’s cold. Fans and misting are not that difficult; they just need attention to temperature and need. Tonight we expect a low of 35 F. That is just above freezing and could dip lower. I set up a heater in case.

Foliage around the Fountain

I decided not to make a Foliage Followup post because there were other things I wanted to show along with the foliage in the greenhouse. Purple Heart Secreasea pallida and Persian Shield Strobilanthes dyerianus are two of my favorites for purple in the garden. Cuttings are easy with both. I tend to stick more pieces until frost takes them out. Sometimes I even put them in the same pot.

Variegated Hydrangea cuttings with Begonias

I’m keeping these hydrangea cuttings inside this winter as these are the only ones I have left of Hydrangea ‘Marieseii varigata.’

Skippers on Pentas

I made this picture large so you can see the Skippers. They come in and out of the open  greenhouse door seeking blossoms since the last freeze took the outside blooms. Pentas are their favorites. There has been a Sulphur or two when the wind is warm.

Ferns and Gingers

I’ve been putting companions in the larger pots with leggy plants. The gingers have ferns around their ankles. It doesn’t show in this pic but I sprinkled some alyssum in the pot with leggy foxtail ferns. I noticed on Bloom Day that alyssum was popular this fall in many gardens. It does well under glass, too.

Bromeliad with a Baby

There’s a pup just under the strappy leaves of this Noregelia hybrid. As the mature plant dies, the new plant will develop. Not a quick process but interesting to watch.

Atlernanthera 'Chartreuse'

I like this plant so well that I took three mugs of cuttings. This one is in the company of two developing amaryllis plants. One put out leaves first, the other started with a bud. The third one came out of the box with a long curved stem.

Amaryllis and Friends

I’m excited today over the first bloom on the Duranta cuttings. They did well inside last year. The tall amaryllis bud was alread on a long bent stem when it came out of the box. Eventually it straightened with rotation in the sun.


Last time I called Chlorophytum comosum ‘Airplane plants’ it confused a reader. I think the common name most places may be ‘Spider plants.’ These are obscuring a Kalanchoe that has commenced forming buds. Smaller cuttings formed buds faster than the original  plant. To the right is a gardenia that came from a florist for a family member’s funeral. I’ve had it since February. It’s been repotted twice already. If it makes it through the winter I plan to plant it outdoors in a sheltered area.

A glimpse inside

Home Depot was full of Christmas cacti in full bloom today. Mine still has baby teeth buds but they’re getting bigger.



  1. You have such a cozy greenhouse, it must be a treat to sit there sipping tea/coffee! Lovely flowers.

    • Nell Jean

       /  November 20, 2011

      I’m looking forward to making a post or two about tea in the greenhouse. I don’t sit a lot, though. I’m usually potting up cuttings or tidying up or moving things around.

    • haha, that’s true! Am guilty of that too. Instead of a leisurely sip of tea, downing a few hurried gulps of it is more likely. Looking forward to your posts.

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