The View from the Camellia Tree

The temperature outside when I got up this morning was 29F. As soon as the sun came up, things warmed. Frost had taken the more tender plants outside. Camellia sasanqua has been waiting for a cold moment or two.

I was glad that I added a heater last night. Nothing inside froze.

Bromeliad and Begonia

A Place to Sit

Utility Panel from Outside

From the Back: Do you see the rooster and the Cat in their perches on the right?

Camellia sasanqua, a fifty year old tree.



  1. How lovely! Wish I had a greenhouse! Like your blog.

  2. Such a fine looking old Camellia, and with so many buds to open. Had to look up 29f, that is cold, starting to forget these temps since we moved over to centigrade. Like the look of your wordpress blog. alistair

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