Tuesdays with Tootsie

The real name is Read ‘Em All Tuesday but I think of it as Tuesdays with Tootsie.

This week I want you all to meet a new blog friend who I met on Blotanical. Her name is Evelyn and she gardens in Central Florida. Her garden is a registered Wildlife Habitat. This week she’s blogging about some gardens on a tour she took. There is a garden to please everyone who likes all the different garden styles in Florida: native, tropical, formal, woodland and grove, roses and wildflowers. She made notes — this is her garden journal — of things she wanted to incorporate into her garden. I made a note to copy one of the ideas she liked, a gate. It’s just the thing for my new path into the Upper Garden.

Tropical Garden Gate

 Photo by Evelyn at Blogging in Myrtle Glen
Do visit her blog, Blogging in Myrtle Glen. If you are a Blotanical member, she’s Gone_Tropical.

Not to be missed are the pages on making a Potager Garden and what you can do with ‘Just a Branch.’ I call that branch an Epiphyte Branch, or Epi Tree as the case may be.

Join the meme at Tootsie’s Read ‘Em All Tuesday and tell us about one of your favorite blogs with a link to the Blog Party at Tootsie’s.




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