Should I Prune my Camellia japonicas into Trees?

Since 2005, this ancient camellia has grown over the edge of the driveway. I propose to prune it up from the bottom into a tree form rather than just heading it back. I’ve looked at tree-form Camellia japonicas online and believe it might be the better solution despite losing the blooms at the bottom.

Here’s a broader view from earlier this year when there were blooms. Birds have planted vines underneath that grow up through the trees and are almost impossible for me to get to to hack them back. Digging them out is not possible now.

He-who-mows is supportive of my pruning projects. He did suggest that I start a few inches from the ground at a time.

There is a Camellia sasanqua in the back yard that is a very successful tree form. Sasanqua growth habit lends itself well to tree forms.

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  1. Lona

     /  October 1, 2011

    I just planted one this Spring so it is a long way from deciding for me to trim or not to but I am glad you posted this. Yours are so beautiful. I can see where it would be better for maintaining under and around them to trim them up. Have a wonderful weekend.

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