Winners in the Nectar Contest

Lantana montevidensis in both lavender and white.

Sometimes the most common flowers are common for a reason: easy to grow, attractive to butterflies, drought-resistant  and long-blooming.

Between here and town almost every house has yellow lantana. It tends to go out of bloom in severe drought. The lavender and white are more reliable when it is dry. Both are attractive to butterflies of all kinds. I plant them in long drifts across the front in a kind of ‘butterfly corridor.’

Tithonia is a butterfly magnet. Self-seeding, its only drawback is ugly foliage in a drought. It will rebound but you are stuck with uglies. Butterflies do not seem to mind.

Duranta is a shrub with a weeping habit. Butterflies are attracted to it. This planting has salvia leucantha beside it. The bush sage is starting to bloom, a sure sign of fall.

A gulf frit nectars on Duranta with Mexican Bush Sage opening beside it for a later treat.













Pentas in all colors attract butterflies. I plant some of every color. The red and the white are among my favs along with a bigger cultivar in a rich magenta color.


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  1. I’ve looked and looked for Lantana montevidensis in either lavender or white but never ran into it but I really like it. I like that it’s supposed to be spreader more than a mounding variety. I’m glad you like it so much, I’m going to keep looking for it……I’m so enjoying all the butterflies this year.

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