There May Be Giants — Swallowtails

I was out in the hot sun making pictures of Oxblood lilies for my Blogspot Blog that is also Secrets of a Seedscatterer. I caught a glimpse of gold through the trees.

At first I thought it was a Tiger until I could see the whole butterfly. Giant swallowtail! Before I could change the camera to video mode, he was gone but I did get this one pic of him on Lantana montevidensis.

We have Pipevine swallowtails remaining and many Gulf Frits on Tithonia. Large yellow Sulphurs are showing up, a good sign that fall is coming soon. I am seeing more activity on Pentas among the Spicebush swallowtails.




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  1. I know about Tiger Swallowtails, Fitillarys, Suphurs and Monarchs but I didn’t know about the Giant Swallowtails but I think I have had one or two, not sure but going to take a closer look at what visitors I got….They seem to be more kinds of butterflies around than I ever remember seeing. I’ve been putting off getting a book or an app for my i-Touch but going to get one or the other this week sometimes…knowing what kinda butterflies you got is kinda like wanting to know all the names of the flowers you got, it ain’t a law or necessary but it sure makes seeing them more fun when you know what kind they are……You keep cool over your way…..

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