The Colours of August

High summer colors are Deep Purple, Chartreuse, Yellow and shades of Orange.

Left to right:
top row: Purple Heart and alternanthera, Pride of Barbados, Gulf Fritillary on Tithonia, Julia Child Rose
2nd row: Brocaded Gown daylily, Tiger Swallowtail on Tithonia, Duranta, Tecoma stans
3rd row: Porterweed, Purple Datura, Bride Elect daylily, seedling daylily.

Butterflies enjoy some Pentas in shades of pink from light to darkest and a few white.
An occasional Crinum blooms in pink; crape myrtles bloom in pinks and lavenders and white. Roses in the back yard bloom in the usual rosy pinks and reds.

As we move toward September and Fall there will be a shift toward Purple Haze and touches of Red as leaves of Virginia Creeper, Sumac and Sassafras turn.



  1. Love your collage!

  2. Yellows…..Check…….Deep Purples…….Check……..Chartreuse……..Check……..Shades of Orange…….Check…..Sometime I wonder just who’s garden you’re talking about….:-)…And next touches of Red and Purple Haze,Oh yes ….Can’t wait for Helianthus angustifolius, the Asters, more Lantana, Mexican Bush Sage and one of my favorites for September / Oct. and beyond Chrysanthemum ‘Ryans Pink’. I ain’t usually all that big a fan of Chrysanthemums, don’t even know why, but I’m the President of Chrysanthemum ‘Ryans Pink’ fan club here in Piedmont……I can’t wait to see your fall garden Nell Jean…..You have a nice weekend…

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