Tropical Blossoms will Carry us to Fall

When the early summer flush of daylilies, lilies, hydrangeas and other garden delights that come early to southern gardens is over we depend on annuals and tropical blossoms to entertain butterflies and visitors.

Dogface Sulphur on Zinnias

Kept deadheaded, zinnias will bloom until frost.

Porterweed, newly planted. Butterflies will find it.

Perennial plant but tends to die at first frost here.

Cuttings will keep over inside in soil.



Just now coming into good bloom, butterflies have discovered Duranta.

Duranta is another tropical that comes back from the roots in my garden.

 Pride of Barbados Blooms with Tecoma stans in this garden.

These also will last to frost and return from the roots next spring. Tecoma stans will be first to emerge and first to bloom.

Curcuma, Hidden Ginger

Datura Purple Swirl

Recent rains have encouraged all the tropicals. The humidity feels like a rain forest. We get scattered showers and immediately the sun is out again.


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  1. I don’t even know where to start, OK the video first, I love it, great idea and great “actors”……I love butterlfies, I don’t know if they follow me or I follow them but they’re with me all day long in the garden as I see they’re with you…..’Pride of Barbados’, OK I ain’t never seen that but I’m going to have to get me one and soon……:-) I don’t know Duranta but again, I’m going to. I really like the color. And Zinnias, well I got them now, when my granny had them I loved them, then I got a too sophisticated for my own good and they fell out of my favor, by not having them for a few years I only missed a great re-bloomer that lasts and lasts, come in every color of the rainbow nearly and finally have some cultivars or varieties that mildew don’t automatically grow on over night……Anyways Nell Jean, loved your post and I look forward to more of your plants from your garden, the ones I know and for sure the ones I don’t know…….

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