Crinums Are Forever

Crinums have been here since the house was built more than 70 years ago.

Aunt Grey, Baby Lane and a Crinum

Aunt Grey and Baby Lane with a huge Crinum Lily.

The Crinums called ‘Milk and Wine’ lilies are the longest here. I don’t know when the Jagus Crinum was planted. I had never seen it before and it just suddenly appeared one summer about five years ago. I suspect that it had been there all the time, re-appearing after a hurricane dropped a lot of water.

Milk and Wine Crinum

Crinum Jagus

Crinum americanum in front of fading Pink Crinum

Crinum americanum

Ellen Bosanquet

I don’t know the name of the lighter pink crinum below, so I call it ‘Collins Road Crinum’ for its origins.

String Lily after Rain





  1. Jeanette

     /  July 21, 2011

    Your Crinums are stunning and they look exotic and difficult to grow. 70 years…… that is amazing!

  2. Hey there, I not a new comer to Crinums but just now learning about them or seeing them bloom. I got a Milk and Wine that blooms if the air is damp but I got an Ellen Bosanaquet that hasn’t shown a bloom yet and this is the 2nd year for it and I got two Sangrias that have yet to bloom but I love the purplish foliage…..The wine and roses smells nice to come to think of it…..I reckon I’m going to do some watering tomorrow, took off today, tomorrow, back at it…….not familiar with String lilies but they’re nice looking……I got some rain lilies, I like them

  3. That’s an impressive Crinum collection you got – very nice. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for Ellen Bosanquet at the right price. But now I may have to add some other varieties to my Gotta Get list.

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