Anticipating the New Aggregator?

When will Blotanical Updates come to fruition? We all know that projected start dates are usually more ambitious than what actually occurs. Meantime we’ve been patient. We’ve watched and waited seven weeks now with no news.

Mentors explain to new members that things are a little askew as to Picks but will be better soon. “When?” they ask. We encourage patience. I try to take my own advice. Decreases in the number of blog posts are blamed on summer vacations and busy days in the garden. Some of us die-hards will blog regardless.

I began to worry about the well-being of the web master. I saw a recent post then another on his blog in which there was no indication that things are not going well. We mutter amongst ourselves.

I was hopeful of Blotanical Awards 2011. It isn’t going to happen. The time is too short. Maybe we will see them in 2012 or maybe never again despite the popularity among most readers. It might be just as well. “Popular is as popular does,” Grandpa always said, or something like that.

Meanwhile, we are just coasting along. New applicants are backing up because Mentors are wanting to welcome them to better Picks and Paths. Bad or missing feeds are a problem that Mentors cannot fix except to send the member to Feedburner. Some potential members are showing up as their own Mentor. None of these are such obstacles that we can’t limp on, just annoying. We try not  to interrupt the programming for minor glitches.

Anxiously awaiting what is to appear, we remain.


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  1. Nell Jean

     /  July 23, 2011

    I would not presume to use the Blotanical name on Facebook as a violation of copyright. There are existing FaceBook gardening groups whose members also belong to Blotanical.

  2. Nell Jean and Elephant Eye, consider me a ‘never did’.

    Blotanical was one way to start becoming aquainted with other bloggers but for that purpose, it is way behind the times. It seems a shame because the creator and you all seem to be trying very hard to improve it, meantime other ways of communicating have come forward.

    For those like me who didn’t like the forever clicking here and there to find what I wanted we have found faster ways to find each other and share information. For example, I wanted to find other garden bloogers in my area. What I found was an out of date, >painfullyknocking themselves< out to 'pick the most'? For what? Are these folks getting an ego boosts from how high they are on that list?

    Why not get more readers organically and naturally by being social in an instant sort of way. Or ask yourself 'why' you want more readers? That''s the real question.

    Rant over!

    You know there is no 'Blotanical' group listing on FB? No one has that name registered. For all the many blotanical members, why not a social group to share and promote your blogs?

    If the creator of Blotanical doesn't want to start a page there, I think one of you could. I bet it would be a sucess!

  3. Songs would be GREAT, this is How Many More Sleeps???

    The new Blotanical will have lost a swath of Once Were, and Never Did. It will be Hanging In There (you and I Nell Jean) and the Newbies who never knew before. There are changes coming on all sides, Google+ and Blogger to become Google Blogs. Blotanical will blur into all that.

  4. Nell Jean

     /  July 13, 2011

    Eventually Mr. Perry and others who are showing up in the Pick page of others will get back on the right page. We just don’t know when. New features and lists and things are on the roster for coming soon. We just don’t know when.

    I feel like a toddler in a car seat on a very long ride. “Are we there yet?” I used to measure out the miles for one of my step grands by, “When the radio plays 3 more songs we will be there,” distracting her for a minute or two.

  5. Well if they ever do get things straightened out and sure hope they do. I know I got the best mentor they got from the get go…..Not the biggest thing in the world but where they got my blog listed and you click on it, it pulls it up, but when you click on my post of the day, whatever that is, it takes you to some gentleman, named David Perry, I’m sure he’s a nice enough fellow but he ain’t me……:-) Anyways I’ll be glad when they get it fixed so everyone can get the most out of the features they want to give us all to have and use……I haven’t been a member long enough to have a big important opinion that is based on lots of experience but I know it’d be a shame to drop the ball with so many good folks, good gardeners with lots of good things to share with each other…..I reckon that’s about I can say which might be too much but I know Nell Jean won’t mind, she calls’em like she sees them.

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