Some of my favorite gardening books are long out of print. Some would say, out of date. One I often read again is Southern Gardens, Southern Gardens by William Lanier Hunt. published in 1982, reprinted in paperback by Duke University Press in 1992, I think it is still available. Obviously if I’ve had this book since 1982, it was not provided me by a vendor for review. I bought it.


In the book, he addresses daylilies, not by specific cultivar but by general use in the garden. He advocated using daylilies with hydrangeas, which I do. He also advisedĀ using Vitex behind the bluer daylilies for what he called a ‘French effect’ with a few light yellows to heighten the look. I haven’t tried it but I have all the elements.

He suggested laying all your blooms on the ground to work out a sequence of ‘violets’ through the reds and pinks to yellows and oranges to white. It was not possible in those days to lay pics as we do now.

Silver Veil
Byzantine Emperor
the Reds above are Superlative, Kents Favorite Two and
a Seedling, no no particular order because I forget.
Siloam Ury Winniford; garden name Miss Winnie
Catherine Woodbery
Fairy Tale Pink, I think
Pink with no ID
Persian Princess or a similar name
Garden name Saddle Oxfords (seedling)
The oldest Orange in a garden
The oldest double Orange in a garden.
Salmon Sheen
Might be Stella
Pineapple Crush or Elysian Field
Brocaded Gown
Pandora’s Box
It takes much self-control to keep from ordering off for more daylilies instead of dividing and moving those already in the garden this fall.
Mr. Hunt also suggested using Kniphofia to provide a contrast in shape to the daylilies.
Vitex, Daylilies, Kniphofia; Just wait until next year!


  1. I’m new to hydrangeas, as I ‘m liking lace caps so I got me some twist and shout repeat bloomers…..I like them so far….I like the delicate look of the flowers……but what I’m really liking this year is Vitex, I got one called shoal creek, I growing as a tree, I really like it so far…..going to play with all kinds of yellow things to plant under and around it……I’m a knipofia fan too, I got something called toffee nose I got from plant delights, nice colors…..but my favorite is pure yellow ones but I lost what I had of them to too much water runoff…..going to try again in a dryer place…..don’t ask me about daylilies, I only got stella d oro but I love’em around my fountain and don’t care if all amercia has’em too…..:-)

  2. I’d love to see the hydrangas and daylilies together! Sounds lovely. ~~ Sue

  3. Your daylilies are gorgeous! I’m envious that (a.) they are in bloom and (b.) you know the names!

    Ours are budded and will bloom while we are on vacation – I’m hoping there are blooms left when we return! And the tags for mine were pulled up and discarded by a well-intended but misguided child who was trying to rid my garden of litter! I love the Pandora’s Box but that Byzantine Emperor knocked my socks off! I’ve never seen a daylily as deep a shade of pink as that!

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