Toughness in Triple Digit Temps on GBBD

We would wilt but we are tough. I did glow a little last evening when DH forgot to turn the air-conditioning back on after the electricity was out temporarily. It did remind me to go out to get a pic of the Datura when it bloomed in the night.

Datura and ‘Laura Bush’ petunias


Lemon grass, Nicotiana altata and Black eyed Susans

‘Lilacina’ Crape Myrtle in the Front Garden

Pride of Barbados and Esperanza or
Caesalpinia pulcherrima and Tecoma stans

Okra isn’t blooming yet but it has buds.

Little Gypsy Eyes

The big show of early daylilies is done.
Rebloom is starting with some
and a few late bloomers are just opening.

Hydrangeas are drying with a little blue left.

You know it is hot when the cat drinks from a birdbath.

Zinnias and Gomphrena are dependable summer bloomers.

‘Watermelon Pink’ Crape Myrtle in the Back,

tall as the security light.
Thanks to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for once again hosting

We are predicted a high temperature today of 103 degrees Fahrenheit.
Y’all drink plenty of iced tea and lemonade and stay out of the sun.
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  1. I enjoyed visiting your garden and I enjoy Datura too. A nice lady started one from seed and gave it to me. I treasure it as I do her. And thanks so much for being my mentor.

  2. Sending you a cool Sierra breeze… It’s heating up here as well. Your flowers and kitty are lovely.

  3. Oh my, I guess I won’t complain about the heat here–we’ve had a reprieve but are heading back into the low nineties. I love, love the crape myrtles; wish we could grow them here in the Midwest. Your cat reminds me of my dog–Sophie has decided the small solar fountain I have is her drinking dish:)

  4. Nell I’ve always been a crepe myrlte lover. Mine froze out this year.

  5. That’s really an amazing lot of blooms for temperatures like that! We’re back in the low 70s after two days at 80, weather really is a bit crazy.

    Stay cool.

  6. Have always found the Datura plant fascinating – such large blooms. Your garden has lots of color. Here’s hoping rain finds it. Happy GBBD.

  7. Hi Nell Jean, your Datura is upright, while ours are hanging. And your other flowers are nicely blooming too!

  8. Glowing here, too. I tried staying inside for a couple of weeks, but I can’t stay in all summer, so I’m out there, wilting! 🙂 Love the datura bloom glowing in the dark, and your crape myrtle is so full! I just love crape myrtle time.

  9. Love the crepe myrtles and wish they would be hardy in zone 5! L

  10. Thanks for commenting on my post about the edging and persian shield. I love your birdbath – is that a regular faucet with a bird top? It looks as thought he bath runs over onto some rocks with depressions, how lovely – that will be great for butterflies.

  11. Lovely blooms! Hope you are staying cool 🙂
    Happy GBBD!

  12. Love the Datura! I envy your okra buds…mine have not gotten there yet. Happy GBBD!

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