Epiphyllum or Night Blooming Cereus Blooms

Blooming Epiphyllum oxypetalum happens often enough that they have become a non-event. I feel compelled to take pics even though they are pretty much the same each time.

Not fully open, but the full effect is past my bedtime.

Near midnight, more nearly fully open.

The last time there was a bloom, white Datura opened at the same time. I was able to get a better appreciation of the difference in fragrance. Datura is sweeter. Epiphyllum is a spicier scent.

The plants are large, awkward things with stiff stems and strap-like leaves. Old leaves are prone to discolored areas. I’ve stopped trying to repot. I do add some new soil to the top of the pot each spring. I keep them from sentiment. My mother grew them. My Great-Aunt hauled hers all over Dunwoody in bloom in the middle of the night in the back seat of her DeSoto with me in tow, taking the potted blossoms to be admired by friends who did not go out at night.


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  1. Very unusual flower! And you’ve captured the ‘non-event’ very well. We have datura growing on our roadsides and my daughter always asks which one it is. She’s shocked because she’s heard it’s psychedelic or something. You should have heard how she reacted when I told her I had a salvia garden. “Mom!”

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