Edible Gardening in the Landscape

It makes sense to me to use edible pears rather than the ubiquitious ornamental pears. Edible pears have nice blooms, good foliage and the advantage of fruit that can be used. This is one of three pear trees, each a different cultivar including one pineapple pear.

Blueberries loaded with berries in front of the grape arbor where tiny Scuppernong grapes are developing. Grapes will be ripe in August.

We’re gathering blueberries daily as they ripen. Five blueberry bushes, all different cultivars. The names are lost to me now but the ones that taste best were the ones that have ‘Tif’ in the name, developed at nearby Tifton GA research facilities. Even the dog gets excited about blueberry crisp. Blueberries get good press concerning the nutritive value.

Blueberries on two of the bushes are not yet ripe. It extends the season to have different cultivars coming on.

My okra patch. Of the vegetables, okra is one of the easiest to grow in a hot climate.
Kept cut, it will bear until frost and has few pests. I used old seed so I have a spotty stand but enough plants to keep two people who really like okra supplied. I’ve already side dressed it. Keeping out weeds and grass is a daily chore. At the end of one row there is a single Zuchinni plant. We don’t need much Zuchinni.

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