Blooming In my Neighbor’s Garden

When we passed by yesterday I told He-who-mows that it looked from the front as if the neighbors live in a Park. Last night these photos of the back yard were in my email. They’re so pretty I wanted to publish them.

Notice the cycads in the containers. She grew them from pups around the original cycad she planted in her garden.

Lantana Standard

Aren’t her flowers wonderful? That’s the family cat on the lawn.



  1. Yes, a wonderful garden which only needs someone to appreciate it.I would LOVE to have a neighbor close enough to walk to who likes to garden. Guess that why I like blogging….it’s satisfies my gardening obsession! Kind of you to share this.

  2. I have enjoyed this peek in your neighbour’s garden. It is indeed very beautiful. Wish I coud decorate my garden like that.

    How’s blogging like in wordpress? Last year Blogger got me so fired up, I started a wordpress blog, but still can’t get use to it yet. When the heat died down, faithfully returned to blogger again. Now, I’m keeping the WP as my ‘hideout/retreat’ in case Blogger drives me up the wall again ;~)

    • Nell Jean

       /  May 29, 2011

      Thanks, Autumn Belle. I like the ‘reply to each message’ part. I had a WordPress account for a long time but Blogger is familiar. The learning curve is difficult when we’re used to another platform.

      I don’t like the part where WordPress charges for the ability to directly upload a little video whereas Blogger doesn’t. WordPress is not way ahead on ‘pages’ and ‘themes’ since Blogger improved theirs.

      Maybe I’ll get comfortable with WordPress one day. Keeping my Blogspot blogs for now. WordPress is my ‘retreat’ too.

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