Bloom Day Preview May

If this blog looks familiar, it is. WordPress Seedscatterer is my backup garden blog. The Blogger Seedscatterer will be remain my primary blog. The Blogger fiasco almost made me move to WordPress entirely, but there are some Blogspot features that I really like including the ability to quickly upload a little video of my butterflies.

Yellow daylily

Bloom Day will be glorious in most every garden this month. I promise to visit as many as possible — especially those of you with tulips. We are having blessed rain on Saturday. If it continues my Bloom Day will be soggy but very happy for the water.

I’m hoping the daylilies will open their best on Sunday so I don’t have to say, “You should have been here tomorrow.”

Blue Salvia

Salvia farinacea

Salvia is blooming along with other blues: hydrangeas and larkspur.

Purple Coneflowers and Oakleaf Hydrangea

Purple coneflowers are at their best right now.
Looks like an exciting Bloom Day. See you on Sunday!


  1. Nell Jean

     /  May 19, 2011

    After Bloom Day was over and everybody got over Blogger being down for a couple days I changed my mind. Seedscatterer on Blogspot is my familiar, comfortable blogging platform. I’ll think of something for this blog later. I always have more ideas and pics than I have time to put together.

  2. Very nice. That light yellow daylily is very pretty.

  3. Dear Nell Jean,
    thank you for joining the german Bloom Day!
    I really like your post and it seem, your climate is much milder than in my area! It will take a while for my coneflowers to bloom.
    Wish you a wonderfull Sunday!

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