Seedscatterer Moves to a Different Platform

Pipevine Swallowtails on Asclepias

While I wait and hope that my nice post on a different host site returns from whatever black hole it fell into after I scheduled it for Friday morning, I’m renewing my friendship with WordPress.

Right now I’m focused on Butterflies and their lifestyles. Today for the first time I noticed that our old Milkweed plant across the highway was blooming. I thought it was forever gone.

Beneficials on Echinacea

The learning curve is steep here. It may take a while.


  1. Nell, Jean,
    I scattered thousands of milkweed seeds I gathered up in the higher country last Fall. I hope some of them catch hold here.
    Nice when you notice new and old plants coming or returning. Something new each day, eh?

  2. Nell Jean

     /  May 13, 2011

    I have other WordPress blogs just a little newer than this one. Both Blogspot and WordPress have features I like. The video upload on Blogspot costs $60 here. I really like the ‘reply to comments feature.’

  3. since November 2009. That will be a steep learning curve!

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