Asses, Grasses and Persian Shield

How can I put such disparate subjects into one post? Cameron mentioned mixing Grasses with purple and pink in her blog post today.

It happened that I made pics earlier of my Persian Shield, which would mix well with Purple Fountain Grass and other plants that Cameron mentioned, which I will try next year.

Asses? The neighbors have Donkeys inside their fence. Our field starts beyond the trees in the background behind the Donkeys.



  1. tina

     /  August 23, 2009

    A very cute post. I love the long shot of the grasses and how cool to have some donkeys next door. They seem to think you are quite the oddity by their looks!

  2. donna

     /  August 23, 2009

    I wondered how you were going to work "asses" in with Grasses and Persian Shield. Very cute. I remember seeing your Persian Shield in an earlier post and made a note to have some next year. I have the Purple Fountain Grass this year. I luv it when humor is worked into a post.

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