Summer Whites Cool the View

Clockwise from upper left: Nicotiana alata, a young Oakleaf hydrangea, Crinum jagus, snapdragon ‘White Bride,’ Gardenia, ‘White Dawn’ rose, ‘Little Gem magnolia, caladiums and ‘Mariesii Varigata’ hydrangea, Asimina or Pawpaw. In the center, more oakleaf hydrangea and ‘White Dawn’ roses, licorice plant with Persian Shield, and white pentas.

I’ve been thinking of other whites to add for next year: more daffodils like ‘Thalia’ and possibly some white hyacinths, though pink and blue are my favs and we really don’t need white for cooling when hyacinths bloom. I’m torn between rich colors of hippeastrum and the beautiful whites that are available. More white roses? Probably not. White gladioli? Too funereal; I love glads in rich colors. I have wax begonias in pinks, reds and whites this year. Great drifts of white begonias and more white and green caladiums would be super.

There will definitely be more white crape myrtles to fill the new berm where the old live oak stump fell, like this one, but smaller to start:

but larger than this one at lower left:

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  1. Hà Xuân

     /  August 13, 2009

    Crepe myrtle is lovely. When our DD was still in the US, there was a white crepe myrtle in her yard, planted by the previous owner. And I fell in love with the tree.
    I planted a pink one in TSV now and am waiting anxiously for its first blooming season, which I hope maybe next summer.
    Your white flowers are very pretty. I think white gives you calmness. I intended to create a "white and blue" bed, but never could :-o(

  2. donna

     /  August 11, 2009

    Hmmmmm……I like all your white flowers. Very pretty! I bought some white phlox today.

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