Sequence of Bloom, Year Around Interest

Here’s a visual record of one area of my garden along a driveway.

Azaleas and Dogwoods bloom end of March through mid-April.

Ahead of the bright pink azaleas, early white azaleas bloom.


Gardenias bloom at end of May through June


Summer: Begonias shown here August 2 will last until frost. Some of these are in pots for lifting to keep inside through the winter.

For a couple of years I had a thick row of pink caladiums all the way down, got the notion to move what returned last year to another area. Missed a few tiny corms and they’re keeping company with the begonias this year. Caladiums sometimes respond to short days and a dry fall and go dormant ahead of frost.


Sassafras trees and Virginia creeper leaves will lend red fall color.

Winter view: December 20, 2008

Plan: A sharp edge on the grass path. Ferns among the begonias. More Caladiums in 2010. Prune the gardenias when they next bloom. Pots beside the stone steps. A vague plan which may never happen is a path through the azaleas at the top of the stone steps, removing ancient hydrangeas that are shy bloomers, shaded by azaleas.

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