Summer’s Bloomers

I saw a big snake today, slithering right across where I wanted to plant some begonias in the ground with a few caladiums that are determined to survive. I think he was a rat snake, but I’m reluctant to go back out there today.

So far all Porterweeds with blossoms are blue/purple. Some of the cuttings were not labeled and I had hoped for red/coral in this bed. The one Porterweed that survived the cold winter to resprout is a red, so far without a blossom. Butterflies are finding the blues, but their fav nectaring spots right now are the lantanas.

Sprirea Bumalda responded to deadheading and has a new flush of blooms, paler than in the cooler days of spring.

The rest of the Magenta/Pink beds have blossoms, but not in proximity so that they photograph well. Stargazer lilies have started, planted near Common Purple Phlox, the ubiquitous Echinacea which has passed its prime and must be cut back and Rose/Magenta Pentas. Orange crocosmia which I expected would add a shock is just now budding. Every year is different.

Promises of things to come: I’m trying not to post pics of what’s about to happen, until it happens. I’m finding new buds of tropicals every day.

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  1. OhioMom

     /  June 27, 2009

    Snake? Yikes .. the only snakes I have ever seen around here is the Garter (garden) snakes, that is fine by me 🙂

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