Shirley Poppies

Bright orange California poppies continue to bloom, they are the longest lasting.

Coming into best bloom now are Shirley poppies or Corn poppies. Papaver rhoeas, these are the red Flanders poppies of Memorial Day.

I’ve been flagging the plants with a bit of green surveyor’s tape to mark the different colors. Pictured are red with a white center blotch, red with a black blotch and a white with palest pink edges. There are different shades of pink and yesterday a magenta poppy opened.

Pale pink seed mixtures are available. One is named for Sir Cedric Morris who used to walk the fields searching for softer colour variants of P. rhoeas.

If the pictures look a little odd, it is because I held the camera overhead the blooms for a better view. The white reflected the sun so I took its picture under my sunhat. The little pink flowers are Laura Bush petunias, which give you an idea of how tall these poppies are.

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