Daffodils are about gone, even the ones planted last winter which bloomed late. Foliage of lilies of all descriptions are coming on fast. Byzantine gladioli are blooming, a beautiful fuchsia pink. They’re too early for all the pink companions around them.

Margaret Roach says on her blog, A Way to Garden, that bulbs don’t take up much space. One bulb doesn’t, but I always want a huge cluster of bulbs. The half dozen Byzantine glads are spaced out between clumps of daylilies but they’re beginning to multiply. The clumps of daylilies designed to hide dying daffodil foliage are greening up, too.

I started a list of summer bulbs I would like to try, like Begonia boliviensis, Bessera, Bletilla — that is just the B’s! I have most of the C’s: Cannas, Caladiums, Crinums, Colocasia, Curcuma, Crocosmia, but I’d like more Cultivars of each!

It would be possible to have a monocot garden of mostly bulbs and grasses. Most of the plants I’ve put in the canna garden are monocots: cannas, gingers, setcreasea, bulbine, kniphofia, gladioli, vetiver grass. I did put a swath of Black eyed Susans for early color. They’ll be pulled when the blooms are gone. or maybe left for the birds to eat the seeds.

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  1. janie

     /  April 4, 2009

    I agree with you, I want a swath of bulbs! I read the story about dissapointing bulbs offered at dollar stores, and it reminded me of the daffs planted at our courthouse 3 years ago. We planted a package of those daffs offered at the dollar store, and yesterday I saw they are back! Pretty little daffodils, albeit on short stems, with big beautiful blooms! I was tickled.Janie

  2. gardenerprogress/Catherine

     /  April 3, 2009

    I just looked through your last few posts and it’s just looking so pretty there! Your dog is too cute.I have a hard time with bulbs only because I accidentally dig into them when I’m planting something new.

  3. Northern Shade

     /  April 3, 2009

    Bulb so look great in large groups, and it’s especially nice when they like the site and gradually naturalize. It looks like you’ve timed your plant succession well.Pup looks like he’s working hard to coax his new bunny friend to play and frolic in the garden with him.

  4. Chandramouli S

     /  April 3, 2009

    Your cutie looks sad with the dwindling daffodils populations. Me too, as I love ’em.Good luck with your other bulbs, Nell. I love bulbs too but am not sure which flowering bulb would be suitable for tropic climates.

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