Shasta Daisies

I dug and transplanted 13 Shasta Daisies to the Chicken Rose Bed. Yellow centers should go well with yellow roses. Buffie helped. Every time I dug a transplant, she dug the hole deeper, rolled around on the remaining plants and tasted a little soil to see if it was suitable. While she napped, I went to plant the daisies in their new home.

These daisies are from a single plant of several that grew from a mixed packet, years ago. This was the strongest stem and brightest flower, similar to the popular ‘Becky’ daisy.

Later Buffie went to help me prune vines from the spirea. Before I knew it, she was happily wading in a nasty black puddle and had her first bath — a sort of half bath, just her nasty little paws and lower legs. She didn’t think much of bathing.

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  1. janie

     /  February 19, 2009

    The daisies will be perfect with that rose! That Buffie does such a good job.Janie

  2. cogardengram

     /  February 19, 2009

    Chicken rose bed….is that one we have seen? I can’t recall. I do think the daisies will compliment the roses. I think it might have been you that suggested I add yellow to my accidental combination of the grape purple salvia and a purple and yellow and white iris….I am watching for some anthemis to green up this year to relocate to the combo. You have a great eye for colors.Glenda

  3. Chandramouli S

     /  February 18, 2009

    You’re lucky to have such a great assistant!

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