Coming Attractions

The Christmas Cactus has sweet little new leaves that start out pinkish and turn green as they mature. It seems happy in its new home.

Calla lilies are a heap of foliage right now. I hope for blooms soon so I can do my Kathryn Hepburn routine. The stragglers on either side are lemon grass, the only plant in here that Inky bothers. He adores lemon grass: to chew, to shred, to bat about.

Tulips look promising. I spied a bud yesterday, deep in the tallest foliage. The holiday catalog from White Flower Farm is open to pots of tulips and other pretties, imagining what I might grow next year inspired by their photos.

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  1. Sue

     /  January 31, 2009

    Your plants look healthy still. Are you and Inky enjoying lunches in the greenhouse still? I found a pink blooming Christmas cactus after the holidays that has a few pink buds. They don’t seem to be getting larger, though. The plant looks good still.Enjoy all your blooms!

  2. OhioMom

     /  January 22, 2009

    I just adore your greenhouse, and look at you “tulips” ? Can’t wait to see your blooms.

  3. DebMc

     /  January 19, 2009

    Your pots look so healthy and happy. You make me sorry I neglected to put some tulips in a pot this year. Because I’ve lost my auxiliary fridge, I no longer have a place to chill tulips. Until I fix that, I’ve decided not to plant in the beds…but I should have done a pot or two. I love tulips.

  4. Chandramouli S

     /  January 17, 2009

    It all seems to be coming out well. I can already see your spring garden coming out beautifully. Good luck!

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