Last of the Bulbs are In

Half dozen blue/purple hyacinths in the pink flowered bowl, 3 white in the little container on the left and one blue each in the mugs, with stones to keep them steady. The rest went into clumps in one of the yellow beds. They chilled in the fridge for 9 weeks.

Lilies that I dug earlier and chilled also for 9 weeks went in spots dotted all over the yard, according to color. Apricot LAs went in the front, pinks in the upper lawn beds.

A dozen King Alfred type daffodils went in the Fka Red Bed. My new trial: will they bloom more on time the first year if they’re planted late without chilling? Usually I chill daffodils and plant and they’re blooming in February. They get no chill in subsequent years and bloom in March. Our best chill is usually in February; maybe they’ll wait.


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  1. tina

     /  December 18, 2008

    Yahoo for getting all the bulbs in! I still have too many to count to plant and I am worried it may be too late for a good show. My own fault. Congrats on your job being done.

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