Jon of Mississippi Garden recently blogged about ‘Party Time’ alternanthera, a new cultivar.

My favs are old cultivars: the red I’ve had for years, cuttings from Miss Billie; and Chartreuse, purchased last year.
The red makes a delightful border with salvia coccinea and lantana.
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Cuttings in water in the greenhouse make little nosegays, chartreuse in a mug and red in a galvanized container:
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Note the pot of chartreuse at bottom right.
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Despite the recent bitter cold that blackened the plants in open locations, some alternanthera persists in sheltered beds. That in well-drained spots usually returns, come spring.



  1. Cameron (Defining Your Home)

     /  November 25, 2008

    I still covet your greenhouse! Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!Cameron

  2. Sue

     /  November 24, 2008

    I like that combination in your flower bed, and it’s fun to see what’s growing in your greenhouse. I do like that chartreuse, too.

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