The Cat Came Back

Inky’s back! We feared he was gone forever. He ‘took his vows’ at the vet’s on Friday last. Saturday he came home, glad to be here. Monday afternoon he asked for his supper, I fed him. Tuesday morning, all but a few bites of his food was where he left it and Inky was gone.

We searched the neighborhood. No Inky. Joann down the road has a similar cat and more kitties. DH agreed we would wait a week and if Inky wasn’t back, we would give the two unopened bags of cat food to Joann for her cats.

This morning, no Inky. Suddenly I hear meowing and there he was, as if he’d never been gone. Fat enough, as if he’s been visiting elsewhere. He may have been feeding himself on squirrels and mice.

Anyhow, he’s our Inky, loving and purring. Welcome home, Kitty.


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  1. Cameron (Defining Your Home)

     /  November 21, 2008

    Glad to hear that your Inky returned! Cats have a thing about going off like that. I don’t have cats anymore, I used to always have a cat — when I was on a farm in the middle of the woods away from roads.Cameron

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