Heavenly Lilies

The Asiatics bloomed, the LA hybrids are still blooming. This is an Orienpet called “Orania” — one of my favorites.

Ourania: Derived from Greek ουρανιος (ouranios) meaning “heavenly”. In Greek mythology she was the goddess of astronomy and astrology, one of the nine Muses.
Pronounced Ora knee uh. My Greek friend whose child has this name rolls the ‘r’ when she pronounces it.

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  1. deborah wilson

     /  June 8, 2008

    Oh, these are beautiful lilies! I’m going to write this down so that I can get some bulbs.

  2. OhioMom

     /  June 8, 2008

    So happy to see you back blogging, your lillies are lovely 🙂

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